January-March 2023

Making the Invisible Visible

Decentralized technologies are distinct for the collectively authenticated ledger—a technology that allows for the re-imagination of everything from currency to property. How does a better understanding of our existing social frameworks allow us to repair them? Read more.

Our Founding Collection

When Technology Was A Game Changer

Our first collection begins with a theme that captures our search for objects that reflect, embody, and witness turning points in art or culture driven by technological advances. From Nam June Paik’s experiments with art and television to the choreographies of TikTok, from the ENIAC patent to Dall-E, art and technology have been inextricably linked, to both utopian and dystopian ends.


It is our hope that through this first thematic exploration we can reflect critically on impactful moments in culture and art, as well as create a novel way of collectively preserving them. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but idiosyncratic and personal; a record of our collaborative process and the multitude of interests within our community. Come join us.